Practice Areas: Employment

Nowadays employers are forced to work according to the regulations of the Code of 1971, which quite often don’t cover the current reality. At the same time, controlling bodies pay great attention to the employers’ compliance with the rights of recruited employers, violation of which results into employer’s personal responsibility.

According to the statistics, most of labor disputes are settled in courts in favor of an employee, such statistics is caused by employer’s  insufficient attention to the legal mode of legal relationship.

You will get consultations for all matters in the sphere of labor law from us, and our lawyers will do the following:

  • prepare a legal contract with the company’s head;
  • develop typical labor and civil contracts customized to your needs;
  • develop a system of activities for labor discipline compliance supervision;
  • provide legality and indisputability of disciplinary fines applied on employees;
  • provide maintenance of labor disputes;
  • prepare Collective labor agreements that will cover the particulars of your business and provide their registration;
  • give a response concerning the particulars of taxation of non-residents’ salaries;
  • prepare documents for obtaining a permit for employment of foreign citizens;
  • protect employer’s interests at the necessity of employee’s dismissal or employee’s redundancy (including due to reorganization or change of business line change).
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